March 31, 2021
I hope this first email in at least a year finds you all safe and healthy. Hopefully, we've gotten thru the worst of this and we can get back to normal. Most of the folks that I know over 55 have gotten both shots and are ready to get out a little. To that end, I'm going to give you a few of my dates in April and maybe we'll cross paths. Here are some details:

Friday April 9th       Two Left Feet Dance in Ardmore Ok @ Dornick Hills CC.                                                                        6:30-9:30pm                                           
             I've been performing for this group for over 10 years now and glad to              see I'm on their calendar in 2021. If you're interested in coming to this        dinner/dance, email me and I'll get you in touch with the organizer of TLF.                                        I'll return to play for TLF August 13th.

Sunday, April 18th      Rob Kunkle's dance party and mixer @ Maggianos                                                             Northpark.    6-9pm                                  
                  $20 will get you a small Italian buffet, dessert and dancing. It's a                        fun time for couples and singles! For years, this has been an                              event for singles. But Rob has opened the doors for friends of                          mine, both couples and singles. Age is mostly over 55. Be                                                        prepared to dance a lot! 
                                             Please RSVP to Rob at                                                                                                                   
             Remember, guys need to have a sport coat with them. Ladies always                                                dress up for this party.                                                               I'll be playing for Rob's parties all thru 2021. Next one will be                                                                   Sunday, May 16th.

Saturday, April 24th           River Crest CC in Fort Worth Tx    6-9:30pm                                   Sinatra returns! I'll be performing my almost famous Sinatra               tribute once again at my favorite  venue in FW!! Dress up and swing baby!
                                     For members and their guests

To all of my friends up at Lake advised there might be news from Tanglewood coming soon!

May 6-7-8               This is the annual weekend for my godson and goddaughter's foundation in Corpus, Triumph Over Kid Cancer. I'll be playing tunes for the Friday night VIP party and hacking it around the course                                during the golf scramble on Friday. Toga party on Saturday night! 

                      This is Scottie Scheffler's (the newest star on the PGA Tour)                      charity of choice as he and my godson were close friends the last few years of James' life. Check it out at

We're just getting back into the swing of things and I'm hoping we'll all get together soon.

Take care and stay safe
Neil D.

March 6, 2021
Things are loosening up a little. I have 3 jobs that are on the books with others "in the works." I'm looking forward to finally getting out again and playing some tunes for friends and foes!

April 9th       Two Left Feet dance   Dornick Hills CC in Ardmore Oklahoma
                           a second dance planned for August 13th
April 24th      River Crest CC Fort Worth       Sinatra show dinner/dance
May 1st          Might be a special evening planned.....stay tuned

                        CONTINUE TO STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!

Feb 10, '21
Well, things are still very slow on the live music front.....BUT....
      I do have 2 gigs over the next several days for some country club folks.

Friday, Feb 12, '21        River Crest CC in FW         5:30-9:30pm
             Though I've performed here in the past, I've not done my guitar/one
              man act here...not until this Friday! Call the club for more details and
              spread the word with the members!

UPDATE: Because of the deteriorating weather forecast, the Feb 14th gig @ Stonebriar has been re-scheduled to Saturday, Feb 20th.

Sunday, Feb 14th, '21       Stonebriar CC Frisco, Tx       6:30-9:30pm
              It wouldn't be Valentine's without me having a gig at SCC....and a
              Sinatra/love songs gig at that! This should make it 15 years running!                 Put on your best and come with your better half! Again, for                                 members and their guests. The club has about 70 coming already!                             Call and see if they still have a table for you and yours!!

                                       Be safe and take care!!

Update: Dec 15, 2020
       Please stay safe and healthy for yourself and your loved ones during the holidays. Don't get tempted to gather in large groups! Be smart, wear your 
masks, and take care. 2021 can only be better, right?
       All of my gigs, except one, have been canceled through the end of the year. I hardly remembered how to play the guitar for that one it's been so long!! Hope to see you guys soon!

Update: Nov 4, 2020
      I don't think anyone could have predicted this pandemic would have lasted this long and rekindled during the Fall. Just a terrible thing. I hope all you guys have stayed safe and healthy. Please get immediate help if you have symptoms!

I do have a small number of gigs coming up. These are all private Christmas
parties, but, at least, I'll sing some tunes during the holidays. 

So...I'm open for business! If you know of anyone who might have a need for my services, please send them my way....Appreciate it!

Update: August 11, '20
      I wish I could report a different outlook than in June and July, but that's not to be. We're all tired of this pandemic, but, please, don't do crazy things that will jeopardize your and other's health. We might have turned a corner for the better, but the virus can easily strengthen. 
And, if I might add, this is not a political issue. It's a serious health issue. Stay Safe!!

Update: July 9, '20
     The July 3rd gig went great. Was very cool to be back playing some tunes
for some good friends. I wish I had other musical outings to report, but none are on the horizon. Please stay safe and TAKE THIS PANDEMIC SERIOUSLY!

June 15 2020
   The pandemic continues for all of us. Live music is on the back-burner at this this point for most venues, clubs, and party folks. All my gigs for June and July were canceled except for one private gig on July 3. Since late February, I've had one private gig. This is by far the longest I've gone since the late 1970's with so few jobs. I appreciate you guys asking about my future and I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I do know something. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.
    Neil D.

April 2020   
  I just wanted to thank the number of folks who've reached out asking about
my musical future amid the C19 pandemic. We've all had to sacrifice to try and keep ourselves safe and healthy. 
All my music jobs through early June have been canceled. Hopefully, we'll be able to get back to our normal lives before then and I'll be able to let you guys know of some gigs at that point.
    See you soon and be safe!!
    Neil D.

My Greek Isles Sinatra show has come to an end when mgmt didn't renew my
contract for 2020. It was a good run but it's now time to focus on finding
another home for Ol' Blue Eyes. I'm always open for suggestions from you guys as both of the last 2 long-term Sinatra gigs have been recommended
by friends and fans. Lemme know what you think!

March 13, 2020
Sorry to say....but both of these Rob Kunkle Maggiano's dance nights have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

I've been playing my guitar/dance show regularly for Rob Kunkle's group on some Sunday evenings at Maggiano's in Northpark. I have one coming up on Sunday, March 15th. Details below:

Sunday, March 15th     Maggiano's/Kunkle party     Northpark     6-9pm                             This is a dance/dinner for mostly folks 50 and over who love to                     dance! $20 cash will get you a small Italian buffet and dancing. Drinks                   available for purchase. This has traditionally been a "mixer" for                       singles, but Rob has welcomed my friends who are couples also!         
        If interested, email Rob at  and tell                        him you'd like to come and how many in your party. Sport coats                                                      are required for the guys.

              Mark it on the calendar:  I'll be at another of Rob's dances                                                                    on April 5th.

I'm still taking up a collection.....I went to Vegas for the Super Bowl Feb 2nd!

And...I have 2 out of town Sinatra gigs coming up!

March 13, 2020       The LBJ Golf Course gig has been canceled

Friday, March 27th     Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course   Fredericksburg, Tx
             If you live in the Hill Country, here's your chance to see a fun, one-
             man Sinatra show in an intimate setting. More details to come!

March 18, 2020     The OCCC Sinatra gig has been canceled and re-scheduled
         for June 20, 2020.
Saturday, March 28th     Onion Creek Country Club    Austin, Tx
            All you OCCC members spread the word with your friends. That
            Sinatra Guy from N. Texas is coming back for another fun night of 
            Ol' Blue Eyes, dancing, and great food! Call the club for more info.

That's all for now.....Neil D.


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"THE onemanband in North Texas
​"Fabulous reviews! Thank you so much for the spectacular performance. We look forward to continuing the tradition next year."   Megan S.  Stonebriar CC  Feb '20

"Once again, you were a smash!"       Michael M.    Ridglea Country Club   Ft. Worth, Texas

"What a fun time! Thank you for being such an integral part of Dennis' special day. Awesome job!                      Sinatra show @ Altair Global retirement party                                                                             
"You got RAVE reviews! were perfect!    Donna M.    Wedding Reception   Dallas, Tx

"Thanks so much, Neil, for a wonderful evening.....the members really enjoyed you."                    John F.     General Manager     Onion Creek CC     Austin, Tx

"Excellent personality......great crowd pleaser.....great recommendation"     
                    Alan Kirgan  F and B Director  Inn of the Mt. Gods   Ruidoso, N.M.

"Thank YOU so much....they absolutely loved it....we'll see you again soon"                       Kristine P.      Private Events Director       Stonebriar CC Frisco, Tx

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             Havin' Fun At Texoma
Mrs. Barbara Sinatra, Frank's wife of 22 years, and I at Big Horn Resort in Palm Desert, Ca. Mrs. Sinatra was nice enough to come help celebrate the centennial of Mr. Sinatra's birth in December of 2015. What a nice lady! 
Serious Sinatra Guy!
Had a great time at Onion Creek CC in Austin!!t.mmm
      A Very Serious Sinatra Guy!!
Had a GREAT time in Fort Worth at River Crest in Oct!!
Greek Isles New Years Eve 2018....a Sinatra show to ring in '19!
The Ol' Onemanband havin' fun!